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Main Features


Available in Implementation

GUI ToolBox
Spatial Relations & Allocation functions    
Build Convex Hull  
Create Concave Hull
Cluster Polygons from Points
Thiessen Polygons
Allocate facilities to demand points
Spatial Join  
Spider Diagram - Spatial Location
Spider Diagram - Attribute Link
Near Feature
Find Closest Point - NEW
Connect to Closest Point - NEW
Non structured points to polylines - NEW
Vector Grid
Create Point Grid
Random Points on Polylines
Random Points in Polygons
Point Grids in Polygons
Square Grids in Polygons
Uniform Points in Polygons
Create Tiles
Import / Export    
Map To Google Earth    
Feature Class to Google Earth
Import from Google Earth
Point functions    
Clean Point Layer
Point Intersection
Station Points
Connect Points 
Global Snap Points
Point Angle and Position
Reverse Geocoding
Thin (Generalize) Points
Disperse Points
Points To Rectangles
Points To Regular Polygons  
Perpendiculars from points to polylines
Polyline functions    
Clean Polyline
Clean Dangling Nodes
Clean Pseudo Nodes
Split Polylines  
Split Polylines With a Layer
Export Nodes
Global Snap Polylines
Renode Polylines
Get PolylineZ characteristics  
Flip Polylines  
Clean Contour Gaps
Buffer Polyline
Polyline Characteristics - NEW
Flip PolylineZ - NEW
Polygon functions    
Clean Polygon
Clean Gaps
Advanced Merge
Dissolve Polygons
Build Polygons
Global Snap Polygons  
Get Adjacent Polygons  
Generalize Polygons
Smooth Polygons
Aggregate Polygons
Partition Polygons with Polylines
Create Centerlines from Polygons
Polygon Characteristics  
Polygon To Polyline Advanced
Fill Polygon Holes
Conversion functions    
Polygon To Polyline
Polygon To Point
Polyline To Point
Closed Polylines To Polygons  
Polyline To Multipoint
Points To Polyline
Points To Polygon  
Points To Multipoints
Point To Point Z (M)
Multipoint To Point
Multipoint To Polyline
Shape Z (M) To Shape
Shape To ShapeZ
Overlay functions    
Batch Clip
Batch Erase
Merge Datasets
Split By Attributes
Split By Location
Transfer attributes
Remove Exact Duplicates
Symmetrical Difference
Select and Export  
Fields Functions    
Delete Multiple Fields
Redefine Fields
Order Fields
Copy Fields from other feature class
Rename Field  
Calculate Area  
Calculate Length  
Point Coordinates  
Polygon Coordinates  
Polyline Coordinates  
Add Attribute Index  
Add Spatial Index  
Basic functions    
Create New Feature Class  
Fix Geometry  
Sort Shapes
Move Shapes  
Rotate Shapes  
Scale shapes  
Explode multi-part shapes
Closest Feature Distance 
Miscellaneous functions    
COGO Inverse
Lines from Points, Direction and Distance
Features To Envelopes
Features To Convex Polygons
Features To Minimum Bounding Circles
Features To Bounding Rectangles
Polygons To Equal Area Circles  
Create station lines  
Points To Pie Segments  
Points On Polylines  
Polygons to Maximum Inscribed circle - NEW
Linear referencing functions    
Create Routes  
Calibrate routes with points  
Locate points  
Locate polygons  
Dissolve route events  
Concatenate route events  
Intersect route events  
Union route events  
Surface functions    
Build TIN - 3D Polygon
Analyze TIN
Interpolate Contours
Interpolate Point Elevation  
Features To 3D  
ESRI TIN To PolygonZ  

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