Copy features from other layer Tool

Target layer: Polyline, Polygon

Description:  This is a multi-function tool. Drag a selection box. The features of the source layer will be added to the target layer. Depending on the type of the source and the target layer and the settings various operations will be performed. See Functions paragraph below for complete description. Note that the same function is available as a command on ET Commands menu and works on the current selection of the source layer.

Functions: Depending on the type of the source &  target layer:


Hot Keys (Pressing these keys when the tool is active will allow changing  the parameters used by the function)

Attribute Updates: The attributes will be updated according to the attribute update rules defined for the target layer. (see Setting Attribute Update Rules for more information). The attributes of the source feature will be copied over if the same fields exist in both datasets.

Example: Source = Polygon Layer  - see example here

Example: Source = Polyline Layer  - see example here

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