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ET GeoTools is a set of tools for ArcGIS which purpose is to increase the editing productivity in ArcMap, give enhanced editing functionality to the ArcView users and enable them to create and maintain topologically correct datasets.

The tools are designed mainly for users with ArcView license, but will be asset for ArcEditor & ArcInfo license holders as well.  

The tools are located on seven   toolbars:

  • ET GeoTools

  • ET Draw

  • ET Attributes 


  • ET Miscellaneous

  • ET Graphics

  • ET Indentify


  • Productivity performing editing tasks in a fast and efficient way
  • Identifying topology errors draw nodes and duplicates for polyline layers, gaps and overlaps for polygon layers
  • Correcting topology errors on shapefile and geodatabase layers
  • Adding new geometries and maintaining topological relationships between the features
  • Gives to ArcView users some editing tools standardly available to ArcEditor & ArcInfo license holders only generalize, smooth, creating polygons from polylines, etc.
  • Offers usage of attribute update rules (including ranges not available in any ArcGIS license) when splitting or merging polylines from shapefile or geodatabase layers
  • Allows capturing spatial data together with the attributes which significantly improves the performance of capturing data
  • Offers productive way of copying, editing and pasting attribute data.
  • Users with ArcView licenses can edit the attributes of simple SDE feature classes
  • COGO module - Traverse and Inverse with an ArcView license

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