ET GeoWizards

ET GeoWizards is a set of powerful functions that will help the GIS professionals to manipulate data with easy. It offers more than 100 functions for spatial data conversion, analysis, topological cleaning, sampling and many more. ET GeoWizards was initially developed as an extension for ArcGIS and for the last 15 years it became the most popular third party ArcGIS extension for data processing.

As from version 12.0 ET GeoWizards is available as a standalone application and can be used by all GIS professionals no matter what is the GIS platform they are using.

The functionality of ET GeoWizards is available in several ways:

ET GeoWizards is a native 64-bit application which allows handling very large datasets at impressive speed. The functionality however can be executed from any 32-bit application (example - ArcMap).

ET GeoWizards is not a free program, but is has many free functions that can be used without purchasing a license and registering the software. Until registered ET GeoWizards runs in DEMO mode.