Clean Polylines

Running programmatically

Ensures topological correctness of a polyline feature data set.



Notes :


Input Layer ( with analyzed nodes )

cleanPl_before.jpg (16200 bytes)

After Clean ( with analyzed nodes )

cleanPl_after.jpg (16184 bytes)

Duplicates layer ( The Clean layer as background )

cleanPl_over.jpg (7793 bytes)

Running Programmatically

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Expression Explanation
Function Name CleanPolylines
<input dataset> A String representing the input layer. Must be of Polyline type.
<output dataset> A String - the full name of the output layer.
<Fuzzy Tolerance> A Double representing the Fuzzy Tolerance.
<duplicates dataset> A String - the full name of the output layer containing the duplicates.
{Sort Field} A String representing a field to be used to sort the data before processing. The first features in the input dataset after sorting using that field will have priority during the cleaning process.

Running the function

ETGWPath used in the table below is the  full path to ETGWRun.exe (E.G. "C:\Program Files\ETSpatial Techniques\ETGeo Wizards\ETGWRun.exe")

Language Syntax
Python[ETGWPath, "CleanPolylines", "input dataset", "output dataset", "Fuzzy Tolerance","duplicates dataset", "Sort Field"])
.NET using ETGWRun.exe StartInfo.FileName = ETGWPath
StartInfo.Arguments = "CleanPolylines" "input dataset" "output dataset" "Fuzzy Tolerance" "duplicates dataset" "Sort Field"
.NET using ETGWOutX.dll CleanPolylines(input dataset, output dataset, Fuzzy Tolerance,duplicates dataset, Sort Field)
ArcPy arcpy.CleanPolylines(input dataset, output dataset, "Fuzzy Tolerance","duplicates dataset", "Sort Field")


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