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ET GeoWizards ToolBox

ArcGIS 9.0 introduced a new concept for geoprocessing. All the geoprocessing tools are available via ArcToolbox and there are four ways to perform geoprocessing tasks:

While the concept is great and gives an excellent interface for performing complex geoprocessing tasks, the users with ArcView licenses have a very limited set of tools available to use.

Currently ET GeoWizards offers more than 90 tools that can be used seamlessly in the standard ArcGIS geoprocessing environment with an ArcView license.

Since the usage of the ET GeoWizards tools is exactly the same as the standard tools provided with ArcGIS, we highly recommend you to have a look at "Geoprocessing in ArcGIS" in the desktop help

This User Guide contains description of the geoprocessing tools available in ET GeoWizards.