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Polyline Coordinates

This function is not available via the GUI of ET GeoWizards.

Calculates the coordinates of points at user specified position along the polylines of a polyline dataset in the units of the spatial reference of the dataset, Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes Seconds. Two new fields are added to the attribute table. The names depending on the Point Position and the output units and the are:

If the input dataset is projected and the selected output units are Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes Seconds, the shapes are projected on the fly to the Geographic Coordinate System of the projection of the input dataset before calculating the coordinates.

Command line syntax 

ET_GPPolylineCoordinates <input_dataset> <point_position> < | Dataset Units | Decimal Degrees | Degrees Minutes Seconds> {precision} {use_direction}


Expression Explanation
<input_dataset> A Point feature class or feature layer.
<point_position> A Double between 0 and 1 indicating the position of the point along the polyline which  coordinates will be calculated. 0 indicates the Start Point, 1 - End Point, 0.5 - Middle point, 0.1 - a point for which the distance from the start point along the polyline is 10% of the total length of the polyline
< | Dataset Units | Decimal Degrees | Degrees Minutes Seconds> Output Units. The units to be used for the calculations.
{precision} An Integer between 0 and 8 representing the number of places after the decimal point to be used.
{use_direction} A Boolean. If True - a direction for coordinates in Degrees Minutes Seconds (3525'34.23"W), If False - (-3525'34.23")

Scripting syntax

ET_GPPolylineCoordinates (input_dataset, point_position, output_units, precision, use_direction)

See the explanations above:
<> - required parameter
{} - optional parameter

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