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Fixed Licenses Number of licenses ordered Price per license  
ET GeoWizards 1 - 2 USD 265.00 Buy Now
3 - 4 USD 255.00
5 and more USD 245.00
Concurrent Licenses
ET GeoWizards Minimum 10 USD 265.00 Buy Now
ET GeoWizards upgrade/maintenance See our Upgrade Policy USD 65.00 Buy Now

Contact sales@ian-ko.com for corporate license information

How to register:

After purchasing a license you will receive a reference number for your order.

A. Fixed License:
  1. Click Request License Key button (Help ==> Request License Key). Fill the small form - all the fields are required.

    • User Name
    • Company
    • Reference number reference number (see above)

    When the form is complete there are two options to chose from:

    • Create Key Request File will write all the information to a file (*.etr). Send this file to register@ian-ko.com and in 24 hours you will receive the Key File that will unlock the full version

    • Send Key Request via e-mail. This option will open you default e-mail program with all necessary information. You just have to click the SEND button

  2. When you receive the Key File , save the attachment (*.etw file) to you hard disk. Click on Register button (Help ==> Register). In the form click on Load Key File button. Select the received file. The ET GeoWizards dialog will close. When opened next time the program will be registered.

B. Concurrent Licenses:

  1. Install ET License Manager on the PC to be used as a license server

  2. Create a Key Request file, using ET License Manager Console.  You provide the name of your company, a name of a contact person, valid e-mail address, and the reference number you have received upon your order.

  3. Send the Key Request file to register@ian-ko.com

  4. You will receive a license key for the number of licenses of ET GeoWizards you have ordered shortly

  5. Load the License Key file using ET License Manager Console.

How do you get support:

Contact : support@ian-ko.com

Important notes:

  • Do not change anything in the request file or the body of the generated message. It will cause the registration process to fail.

  • Do not change anything in the Key File. It will cause the registration process to fail.


  • Unlimited number of features in the layer to be processed

  • User support: Any question about the program will be answered. Any problem with the program will be attended and (if possible) solved

Quotation : "The promptness of your response is really quite incredible -- I don't know where else I could get a problem resolved so quickly. "

  • Free upgrades: All the upgrades released within one year of the date of purchase  are free of charge. Thereafter a minimal maintenance fee will apply.

See ET SpatialTechniques Upgrade Policy

For any comments and enquiries contact: webmaster@ian-ko.com
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Copyright: Ianko Tchoukanski