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Surface Type

Raster ESRI TIN PolygonZ TIN
Profile Extractor        
Draw Cross-Section   
Profile for selected graphic  
Profile for selected feature  
Line of Site  
Digitize Z Geometries        
ET Terrain Viewer
ET Surface Functions        
Interpolate Surface
Build TIN      
Modify TIN  
Contours To Raster      
Kernel Density      
Features To 3D  
ESRI TIN to PolygonZ TIN
PolygonZ TIN to ESRI TIN      
TIN to Edges        
TIN to Nodes    
Polygon To Multipatch    
Multipatch To Polygon       
Features To Raster      
ESRI TIN To Raster      
TIN Surface Analysis
TIN Slope    
TIN Aspect        
Interpolate Contours        
Volume of TIN    
Volume of Polygons    
Cut/Fill Analysis    
Visibility Analysis  
Identify Peaks and Sinks    
Raster Statistics
Zonal Statistics      
Focal Statistics      
Point Statistics      
Raster Calculator 
Raster Surface Analysis
Raster Slope      
Raster Aspect      
Raster Hillshade      
Interpolate Contours from Raster      
Cut/Fill Analysis      
Raster Volume      
Plan Curvature      
Profile Curvature      
General Curvature      
Find No Flow Areas         
Fill Depressions         
Flow Direction - D8         
Flow Accumulation - D8         
Flow Direction - D Infinity        
Flow Accumulation - D Infinity        
Extract Outlets         
Create Stream Raster         
Strahler Stream Order         
Stream Link         
Stream Raster to Features         
Snap Pour Points         
Streams and Watershed         
Raster Distance Analysis
Euclidean Distance      
Euclidean Direction      
Euclidean (Voronoi) Allocation      
Weighted Voronoi Allocation      
Cost Allocation (Cost from source)      
Cost Distance (Cost from source)      
Cost Allocation (Cost from raster)      
Cost Distance (Cost from raster)      
Raster Processing
Clip Raster with Envelope      
Clip Raster with Polygons      
Erase Raster with Polygons      
Smooth Raster      
Clean Boundaries      
Create Constant Raster      
Create Random Raster      
Change Raster Data Type      
Resample Raster      
Invert Raster      
3D Characteristics
PolylineZ Characteristics      
Polygon 3D Characteristics    
Analyze TIN      
Multiply Zs    
Offset Zs    
Clean Contour Gaps      
Split PolylineZ based on slope changes      
Clean spikes in PolylineZ      

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