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ET Surface compatibility

ET Surface is a set of tools for ArcGIS that enable the users to create surfaces and perform surface analysis without the need of 3D or Spatial Analyst extensions. The only requirement is an ArcGIS license (ArcView, ArcEditor or ArcInfo).

The functionality of ET Surface is available in three different ways

  • Via the user friendly wizard type interface
  • Via a set of tools for Arc Toolbox which can be used in the Model Builder, at Command Line or in Python scripts
  • In .NET customizations.

Main Features:

  • Interpolate Surface
    • Build TIN from points, polylines or polygons.  The output can be an ESRI TIN or PolygonZ TIN.  For ESRI TIN features can be triangulated as Mass points or Hard breaklines. For PolygonZ TIN features will be triangulated as Mass points.
    • Modify TIN with points, polylines or polygons.  For ESRI TIN features can be triangulated as Mass points, Hard breaklines or Soft breaklines.  For PolygonZ TIN features are triangulated as Mass points
    • Contours to Raster
    • IDW
    • Kernel Density
  • TIN Surface Analysis - Slope, Aspect, Visibility, Volume, Cut/Fill
  • Raster Surface Analysis - Slope, Aspect, Hillshade, Viewshed, Volume, Cut/Fill, Interpolate Contours
  • Raster Distance Analysis - Euclidean Distance, Direction and Allocation, Weighted Voronoi (Thiessen) allocation, Cost Distance and Allocation
  • Hydrological functions - Flow Direction, Flow Accumulation, Derive Streams, Watershed, Fill depressions and more.
  • Zonal, Focal and Point statistics
  • Raster Processing - Clip, Erase, Smooth, Clean Boundaries, Resample
  • Raster Calculator - Perform complex mathematical operations on rasters
  • ET TerrainViewer - 3D visualization of surfaces (PolygonZ TINs and Rasters) as well as features stored in Shapefiles. Areal photography can be draped on the surface
  • Profile Extractor
    • Create profile of multiple surfaces (ESRI TIN, Raster, PolygonZ TIN)
    • Draw profiles for
      • User drawn cross-section line
      • Selected polyline or polygon graphic
      • Selected polyline or polygon feature
    • Interactive Profile Window - Zoom, Pan, Identify, Label data points
    • Represent borehole data on the profile
    • Display features on the profile (draped on the surface or with their Z values)
    • Animate profile for cross-sections moving along route
    • Draw profile directly on the data frame
    • Draw profile on the layout preserving the scale of the data frame
    • Export profile to a text file, an image, point or polyline feature class
  • Line of Sight (LOS) tool
    • Draw on View and in Profile Window
    • Set offset for the Observer and Target
    • Apply Earth curvature corrections
    • Apply light refraction corrections
    • Apply radio wave corrections 
    • Animate rotation of the Observer
  • Digitize 3D features or graphics with elevation extracted from ESRI TIN, Raster, PolygonZ TIN

Full list of the functions

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