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Note: As from 2 April 2006 EditTools 3.6 is 100% free.

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ArcView  is an excellent GIS product.  However editing in ArcView is a difficult task. Sometimes trying to perform a very simple editing can be extremely frustrating (especially if somebody is used to CAD programs) and even impossible. You can find here and there extensions (free or commercial) and scripts intended to make the editing in ArcView a bit easier, but most of them are giving only partial solutions. l.jpg (686 bytes)


"I went to the web hoping to find an edit tool for ArcView, but your product has far surpassed any of my expectations. This product looks fantastic."

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EditTools gives you all the editing functionality you will ever want in a single extension with an easy to use interface.

What makes EditTools Unique:

Clean, Build, Adjust, Edge Match and COGO like in Arc/Info
Edit like in CAD
Update attributes according User Defined rules
Unique way to add new polygons and keep the theme clean from overlaps
Edit and keep your polyline theme clean and ready for network analysis
Powerful generic snapping
Build Convex Hull, TIN (2D or 3D) and Thiessen Polygons
Calculate Slope, Aspect, Hillshade, derive contours

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