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EasyCalculate 10 is an ArcGIS 10 Add-In that allows calculating geometry characteristics of the features, drawing graphics and performing simple editing. It carries the name of the popular set of expressions for the Field Calculator (EasyCalculate 5.0), but is not exactly a new version of it.

Why it is different? Read this article for our reasoning.

Although it has about 40 ready to use functions, the main purpose of EasyCalculate 10 is not to provide functionality, but to give an example how to use Microsoft .NET environment in ArcGIS 10 (in a very similar way VBA was used in the previous ArcGIS versions) to perform complex calculations without using the Field Calculator.

EasyCalculate 10 - add-in is available for the users that do not want to go into any programming - just install and run

  • Prerequisite - ArcGIS 10.0 or above

  • Installation instructions

    • Download  EasyCalculate Add-In

    • Double click on the file in the Windows Explorer. This will run the ESRI Add-In installation utility - in the dialog click Install Add-In

    • Start ArcMap ==> Go to Customize ==> Customize Mode...

    • In the dialog go to Commands, select the Add-In Controls category, find EasyCalculate button and drag it to any toolbar.

  • Running Expressions - Click on the EasyCalculate button . This will open the EasyCalculate dialog
    1. Select Category expression
    2. Select an expression - the description of the expression will be displayed in the help box together with the layer type, field type and all the parameters needed
    3. Select a feature layer on which to apply the expression
    4. Select the field to be populated
    5. Provide values for the input parameters if needed.


    1. The calculations will be performed on
      • Selected features if there is a selection
      • All features if there is no selection
    2. If the calculations are performed from within editing session, the changes can be undone using the standard Edit==> Undo
    3. For some expressions (indicated in the description) you can specify what spatial reference to be used (from the Map or the dataset)
    4. For the expressions of the Draw and Edit categories the field to be populated is optional. If a field is selected, it will be populated with 1 = success or 0 = fail.

The source code of EasyCalculate 10 is for the the people that have some VBA experience and want to create their own functionality by either adding it to the existing add-in or using the existing code as a sample for their old add-ins.

  • Prerequisites

    • ArcGIS 10.0

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express edition,  Microsoft Visual Studio full 2008 or 2010

    • ArcGIS SDK for the Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Download EasyCalculate 10 source code



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