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The log files on our servers show that in the last year many users are translating the contents using various translating services available on internet. We decided to put a direct translation links on the site to facilitate non English speaking users to access the contents without having to copy and paste text or links to other web sites.

From Wikipedia:

"Google Translate, like other automatic translation tools, has its limitations. While it can help the reader to understand the general content of a foreign language text, it does not deliver accurate translations and does not produce publication-standard content, for example it often translates words out of context and is deliberately not applying any grammatical rules"

Especially when it comes to some technical terms used in GIS, you will find several "funny" translations, but in general we think that this should be helpful feature for non English speaking users.

We intend to include in the future a list of technical terms incorrectly translated with their simple (in the way that Google translation will understand) definitions.

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