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ET GeoWizards Main Dialog

The Main Dialog of ET GeoWizards gives access to all the functions of the software.

Selecting the tab for specific category of functions will display a list of all functions in this category.  Next to each function there is an icon indicating the status of the function

On the registered software only and icons should appear.

Clicking on the GO button will execute the selected function.

The User Guide is embedded in the main dialog - whenever you select a function, the Help Window will display the appropriate help topic. You can use the Help button to hide or show the Help Window. 

The View Log button displays the entries recorded in the ET GeoWizards  log file. The dialog allows deleting the current entries. It is recommended to clean the log file on regular intervals

The settings button opens the settings dialog of ET GeoWizards . On this dialog you can view the current temp folder (where all intermediate datasets created by the functions of ET GeoWizards  are stored) or set a new folder to be used for such purposes. ET GeoWizards  cleans the temp folder automatically, but it is a good practice to delete all the contents of this folder from time to time.

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