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Explodes the milti-part features from a polygon or polyline layer. The resulting data set will not contain multi-part features




ToolBox implementation
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Command line syntax

ET_GPExplode <input_dataset> <out_feature class>  {Update_Rules_List}


Expression Explanation
<input_dataset> A Polyline feature class or feature layer
<out_feature class> A String - the full name of the output feature class (A feature class with the same full name should not exist)
{Update_Rules_List} A String - a list of fields with their update rules.

Scripting syntax

ET_GPExplode (input_dataset, out_feature class,Update_Rules_List)

See the explanations above:
<> - required parameter
{} - optional parameter

Example Python script:

import arcpy
arcpy.ImportToolbox("C:/Program Files/ET SpatialTechniques/ET GeoWizards 11.0 for ArcGIS 10.1/ET GeoWizards.tbx") = "C:/Program Files/ET SpatialTechniques/ET GeoWizards 11.0 for ArcGIS 10.1/ET GeoWizards.tbx"
input_dataset = "C:\\data\\suburbs.shp"
result = "C:\\data\\fgdb_test.gdb\\single_part" (input_dataset,  result,  "Population Proportion; City Copy)


.NET implementation
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ExplodeMultiPart(pInFC As IFeatureClass, sOutFName As String) As IFeatureClass

Copyright Ianko Tchoukanski