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Calibrate routes with points

Adjusts route measures with existing points using measure information stored as attributes in the Point Attribute Table or the M values of pointM dataset. The calibration process inserts new vertices to the routes in the places where the calibration points intersect the routes. The measure value of these vertices is set to the measure value of the corresponding point. The measures of the existing vertices is adjusted according to the interpolation/extrapolation option selected and the adjustment method selected.



Interpolation options: 

      Three options are available. They can be used in any combination

Original route and Calibration points
All options used for calibration. The measures of the vertices before, between and after the calibration points are adjusted
Only "Interpolate between" option used. The vertices before and after calibration points preserve their original measures

Adjustment methods:


Ignore Spatial Gaps option selected - Continuous measurements
Ignore Spatial Gaps option not selected - The gap distance incorporated into the measures. The straight-line distance between the disjoined nodes added to the measures
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