Polylines To Polygons

Running programmatically

Converts closed polylines (and polyline chains) to polygons



Notes :


Source Polyline Layer

pl2pg_source.jpg (22220 bytes)

Result Polygon Layer

pl2pg_nochains.jpg (22278 bytes)

Result Polygon Layer(closed polyline chains used)

pl2pg_chains.jpg (22113 bytes)

Result Polygon Layer (Build Polygons Function)

pl2pg_build.jpg (22558 bytes)

Running Programmatically

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Expression Explanation
Function Name PolylinesToPolygons
<input dataset> A String representing the input layer. Must be of Polyline type.
<output dataset> A String - the full name of the output layer.
{Force Closure} A Boolean indicating whether polylines that are not closed and the distance between the from and to nodes is smaller than the tolerance specified to be closed.
{Close Tolerance} A Double representing the distance to be used for closing the non closed polylines.

Running the function

ETGWPath used in the table below is the  full path to ETGWRun.exe (E.G. "C:\Program Files\ETSpatial Techniques\ETGeo Wizards\ETGWRun.exe")

Language Syntax
Python subprocess.call([ETGWPath, "PolylinesToPolygons", "input dataset", "output dataset", "Force Closure", "Close Tolerance"])
.NET using ETGWRun.exe StartInfo.FileName = ETGWPath
StartInfo.Arguments = "PolylinesToPolygons" "input dataset" "output dataset" "Force Closure" "Close Tolerance"
.NET using ETGWOutX.dll PolylinesToPolygons(input dataset, output dataset, Force Closure, Close Tolerance)
ArcPy arcpy.PolylinesToPolygons(input dataset, output dataset, "Force Closure", "Close Tolerance")


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