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ET GeoWizards and Geodatabases


ArcGIS supports three types of Geodatabases:

ET GeoWizards writes its outputs as stand alone feature classes in Personal Geodatabases (PGDB) and File Geodatabases (FGDB).

Feature Datasets

The feature classes of a feature dataset might participate in Topologies, Geometric networks, etc.  The results of 99% of the functions of ET GeoWizards are written into a new  dataset (feature class or shapefile). In many cases the result is not final - it goes trough several procedures before the final dataset is derived. To avoid placing feature classes into feature datasets that have been structured to do something, we on purpose have disabled ET GeoWizards to output in feature datasets. It is very easy to copy the result to a feature dataset after the user is sure that the desired result is obtained. One can always make a model that will use the ET GeoWizards tools and just add at  the end the standard "Feature Class To Feature Class" tool to direct the output to a feature dataset.

Temporary feature classes.

Many of the functions of ET GeoWizards perform complex spatial operations and in the process need to create one or more intermediate datasets. These temporary datasets are not written in the users geodatabase, but in a special geodatabases. ET GeoWizards creates two temporary geodatabases - a PGDB and a FGDB. Depending on the type of the selected output the intermediate feature classes are stored in one of these temporary databases. The temporary databases are stored in a location specified by the user. The location (temp folder) can be set using the ET GeoWizards Main Dialog ==> About Tab ==> Settings). If the temp folder has not be set Et GeoWizards sets it to "c:\temp\ET_Temp"  The names of the temp geodatabases are:

Maintenance of the temp geodatabases

All functions are designed to maintain the temporary geodatabases by

In some cases however some of the functions cannot delete the intermediate datasets. This might cause  the size of the temporary geodatabases to grow after long use of the software. Large size of the temporary geodatabases might cause decreased performance of some of the functions of ET GeoWizards. The easiest way to avoid such problems is simply to delete the  temporary geodatabases on regular basis.