ET GeoWizards spatial data formats


ET GeoWizards 12 uses Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) for reading and writing spatial data. All functions accept as input and produce output in Shapefile or File Geodatabase (File GDB) which are the most common spatial data formats and most GIS products can read/write one or both data formats.

In order to use your spatial data in the ET GeoWizards functions you need to convert it to Shapefile or File GDB first


File Geodatabase (File GDB)

The Esri File Geodatabase is a collection of data layers stored in a file system. The File GDB format has emerged as a very common format for storing and exchanging spatial data. A File GDB is a folder that ends with .gdb extension.

Temporary feature classes.

Many of the functions of ET GeoWizards perform complex spatial operations and in the process need to create one or more intermediate datasets. The temporary datasets can be stored in Shapefiles or File GDB. The location (temp folder) for storing temp datasets can be set using the ET GeoWizards Main Dialog  ==> Settings). If the temp folder has not be set Et GeoWizards sets it to "c:\temp\ET_Temp".

Maintenance of the temp folder

All functions are designed to maintain the ET GeoWizards folder by removing the intermediate feature classes after completion. In some cases however some of the functions cannot delete the intermediate datasets. This might cause  the size of the temporary folder  to grow after long use of the software. The easiest way to avoid problems with large temp folder is simply to delete the  contents of this folder on regular basis.