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Create feature class

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Creates new feature class with user defined type, spatial reference and fields.




ToolBox implementation
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Command line syntax

ET_GPCreateFeatureClass<geometry_type> <out_feature_class>{out_spatial_reference}{Z} {M}


Expression Explanation
<geometry_type> A String defining the type of geometry of the new feature class - "Point", "Polyline", "Polygon", "Multipoint"
<out_feature_class> A String - the full name of the output feature class (A feature class with the same full name should not exist)
{out_spatial_reference} A String - the spatial reference of the dataset to be created
{Z} A Boolean - indicating whether the output will be Z enabled
{M} A Boolean - indicating whether the output will be M enabled

Scripting syntax

ET_GPCreateFeatureClass(geometry_type, out_feature_class,out_spatial_reference, Z, M)

See the explanations above:
<> - required parameter
{} - optional parameter

Copyright Ianko Tchoukanski