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Random Points On Polylines

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Generates random points located on the polylines of the input polyline dataset. The number of points per polyline can be constant or different for each polyline - based on the values in a numeric field of the input polyline feature class."



Note: Be careful with assigning the number of points per polyline. The function will try to create N unique points on the polyline and if the number of points allocated is too large, might be very slow or even fall into an indefinite loop.


Original polylines labeled with the values in field to be used as a source for getting the number of points to be generated The resulting point dataset

ToolBox implementation
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Command line syntax

ET_GPRandomPointsOnPolylines<input_dataset>  <out_feature class> {number_points_field} {number_points}


Expression Explanation
<input_dataset> A Plyline feature class or feature layer
<out_feature class> A String - the full name of the output feature class.
{number_points_field} Optional.  A String numeric field which values will be used to get the number of points to be generated per polyline.
{number_points} Optional. A number that is used in two ways
  • If a number_points_field is specified,  number_points is used as maximum points allowed per polyline
  • If a number_points_field is an empty string, number_points is used as a constant that define the number of  points to be generated per polyline

Note: One of number_points_field or number_points should be specified.

Scripting syntax

ET_GPRandomPointsOnPolylines(input_dataset,  out_feature class, number_points_field, number_points)

See the explanations above:
<> - required parameter
{} - optional parameter

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