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Spider Diagram Attribute Link

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Creates a Spider Diagram between the points of a Center Points dataset and the features in the destination layer (points, polygons, or polylines) based on the values in the link fields in both datasets. The created polylines will connect the Centers to the destination features if the values in the link fields are the same.




ToolBox implementation
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Command line syntax

ET_GPSpiderLink <centers_dataset> <centers_link_field> <Destination_dataset> <destination_link_field> <out_feature class> {closest_only}{connect_center} {Cutoff_distance}


Expression Explanation
<centers_dataset> A Point feature class or feature layer
 <centers_link_field> A String representing the link field in the centers feature class.
<Destination_dataset> A Point, Polyline or Polygon feature class or feature layer.
<destination_link_field> A String representing the link field in the destinations feature class.
<out_feature class> A String - the full name of the output feature class (A feature class with the same full name should not exist)
{closest_only} A Boolean - if True, only the closest destination feature to the center will be connected
{connect_center} A Boolean - the value depends on the type of the destination feature class:
  • Point  - not used
  • Polyline
    • False = Connect  the Center to closest point on the polyline (Default)
    • True =Connect  the Center to the middle point of the polyline
  • Polygon
    • False = Connect  the Center to the closest point on the polygon boundary(Default)
    • True = Connect the Center to the centroid of the polygon.
{Cutoff_distance} A Double representing  the Search tolerance (in the units of the {centers_dataset} to be used

Scripting syntax

ET_GPSpiderLink (centers_dataset, centers_link_field Destination_dataset, destination_link_field, out_feature class, closest_only, connect_center, Cutoff_distance)

See the explanations above:
<> - required parameter
{} - optional parameter

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