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How to use ET GeoWizards

A. Via the User Interface

1. Clicking on the    button will introduce the ET GeoWizards main dialog

2. Select the appropriate group of functions in the navigation panel on the left.

3. Select the function required.

4. The appropriate topic of the User Guide will be displayed in the Help Window

5.To run the selected function click the GO button or the Run icon next the the function name. You can also double click the function name.

6. Follow the Wizard


Read the messages in the message box on the right side of the wizards. There will be a short description of the current function, it will report for incorrect inputs or give some additional instructions

B. In ArcToolbox

The ET GeoWizards tools can be used as any standard geoprocessing tool - from ArcToolbox, in the Model Builder or Python scripts.

Load all ET GeoWizards tools:

  1. Right-click the ArcToolbox folder inside the ArcToolbox window and click Add Toolbox.
  2. Navigate to the folder where ET GeoWizards is installed and select ETGeoWizards.tbx file
  3. Click Open.

Load a tool into your own toolbox or toolset:

  1. Right-click the toolbox or toolset where you want to add system tools, point to Add, and click Tool.
  2. In the dialog find and expand ET GeoWizards toolbox and toolsets in it. Check the tools you would like to add to your toolbox or toolset. If you check the toolbox, all tools within the toolbox will be added. If you check a toolset within the toolbox, all tools within the toolset will be added.
  3. Click OK.


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