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EditTools 3.6 - As from 2 April 2006 EditTools 3.6 is 100% free!

Profile Extractor 6.0

Check also ET Surface for ArcGIS

Extracts cross section profile from a DTM. The user can draw cross section line (polyline, rectangle, circle or polygon), select existing one, move selected line or it's ends or rotate a line around it's middle point. The profile is drawn into a Chart.

0204PE60.jpg (28571 bytes) Features:
  • Draws profile for virtually any shape( either graphic or selected from an existing theme).
  • Draws profile for a network path (Requires Network Analyst)
  • Simulates animation - cross section moves along a selected path.
  • Exports current profile as a DBF, INFO or TXT file
  • Volume calculations - treats selected cross section as a dam wall - calculates the volume of this dam for selected water level. (Only the Spatial Analyst version)
  • Performs Cut and Fill analysis for any closed shape  not containing islands .(Only the Spatial Analyst version)
  • Extracts profile of multiple surfaces
  • User control of extraction (the Grid or the surface defined by the Grid) (Only the Spatial Analyst version)
  • Records the elevation points in a theme.
  • Draw the profile on the View where the cross-section line is drawn.
    • The user can specify Z-factor.
    • Current line symbol is used to draw the profile
    • Single grid profiling only
0204drawOnView.jpg (27982 bytes)
  • Draw the profile on a new View
    • The user can specify Z-factor
    • User controls the X and Y(Z) grid lines
    • The profile can be represented as a Line or Polygon
    • Multiple grid profiling supported (secondary grids can be represented only as polylines)
    • User controls the symbols for representing the profile
0204ProfileOnNewView.jpg (43263 bytes)
PE 6.0 for Spatial Analyst
(Requires Spatial Analyst)
PE  6.0 for 3D Analyst
(Requires 3D Analyst)
PE 6.0 for ArcView
(Requires ArcView 3.1 or higher)
No Spatial Analyst or 3D Analyst required

REQUIRES "Network Analyst" Extension!


REQUIRES "Network Analyst" Extension!

TIN To 3D Polygon script
(Require ArcView 3.1 or higher and 3D Analyst)
Sample Data (TIN 3D Polygon created with EditTools 3.1 and the source contours)
For more information see README files provided in the downloads.

NEW: Profile Extractor User Guide by Amanda Chiprout, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario available now. In the User Guide Amanda covers all the major PE functions

Download this User Guide here.

Thanks Amanda

Fix for Datum Conversion Extension

If you don't have ArcView 3.2, or are frustrated from the speed of AV3.2's Projection Utility Wizard you might need an extension to convert your data between your local datum and WGS 84

Datum Conversion Sample extension (provided by ESRI) allows conversion of the shapefiles between various datums. It uses Standard Molodensky Datum Transformation as defined in DMA TR 8350.2. The extension works fine to convert a Local Datum to WGS 84, however the conversion from WGS 84 to a Local Datum gives incorrect results (to try it convert a shape file in aLocalDatum To WGS 84 and then back To aLocalDatum using the ESRI's extension ). 


Have you had the frustrating messages?

ERROR: "Unable to read datum.par"
ERROR: "Unable to load datum parameters"

Have you wondered what to delete from the provided script or in which directory to place the parameters file ?

This update will spare you all these troubles. Just load and RUN.

The extension provided here uses the ESRI's code with some modifications:

  1. Creates new shapefile
  2. Produces CORRECT results when converting from WGS 84 to a Local Datum
  3. All the Datum Parameters are embedded in the extension


  • the CORRECTED Datum Conversion Sample Extension - Datum2.avx
  • the CORRECTED Datum Conversion Sample Extension project - Datum3.apr

3DInControl - Download

3D Analyst is a great extension of ArcView. You can put your data (TINs, GRIDs, Shape files) in it's viewer, see it in 3D navigate , rotate etc. But DO YOU REALLY KNOW where are you looking your data from and where are you looking to?

3DInControl tries to give the user control over the positioning of the Observer and Target. The user can walk interactively (or along predefined path) through 3D scene he has created.


  • Set location for the Observer and Target interactively on the 3D scene or associated view
  • Adjust
    • the elevation of the Observer and the Target
    • the View Field angle
    • the camera's roll angle
  • rotate the camera
  • walk interactively through the 3D scene
  • walk through (fly by) along predefined path
    • on a constant elevation or with predefined offset above the terrain
    • looking to a constant target or in front

Arrange Documents - Download

Small, but very useful.

With this extension you can save the size and position of all documents on your ArcView desktop and restore this arrangement quickly whenever you want. If meanwhile you have changed the size of the ArcView window the documents will be proportionally resized to fit into resized window. The extension loads new menu - "Arrange Documents" in the Project GUI.

Watershed - Download

Delineates watershed for a user defined point. Stores the watershed in a new theme. Calculates some characteristics of the watershed: Min,Max,Mean Elevation, Min,Max Slope, Length of the longest watercourse.

NEW (13.04.2000)

Dr. Ivan Petras has added couple of features to the extension, fixed some bugs and released it as Basin1 extension

You can download Basin1 from ArcScripts

REQUIRES "Spatial Analyst " Extension!

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