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ET GeoWizards Linear Referencing

Linear Referencing (or Dynamic Segmentation) is a very important GIS feature. In many cases (road, river management systems etc.) the data is not represented with X & Y coordinate pairs, but rather in one dimensional linear referencing system. ArcGIS has a comprehensive set of tools for creating, displaying and analyzing such data. Most of these tools however are available only to the users with ArcEditor or ArcInfo licenses.

ET GeoWizards 9.3 introduces a new set of functions that enables the ArcView license holders to perform tasks standard only in the top licensing options of ArcGIS

Functions Available: 

ET GeoWizards Functions   Standard ArcGIS Tools 
available with any ArcGIS license available in
Create routes from existing polylines ArcEditor and ArcInfo
Calibrate Routes with points ArcEditor and ArcInfo
Locate point features along routes ArcInfo
Locate polygon features along routes ArcInfo
Dissolve Route Events ArcInfo
Concatenate Route Events ArcInfo
Intersect Route Events ArcInfo
Union Route Events ArcInfo

Since the ET GeoWizards functions work in a very similar fashion to the standard tools we strongly recommend our users to read the "Linear Referencing in ArcGIS" book , provided by ESRI on the ArcGIS instillation media in pdf format.  The book gives a good overview of the Linear Referencing and discusses in detail the options available.