About ET SpatialTechniques

The company was founded in October 2003 by Ianko Tchoukanski. In September 2004, in order to distinguish ourselves from some other companies with similar names the company was renamed to ET Spatial Techniques.


Ianko released his first semi-commercial product (EditTools for ArcView 3.x) in October 1999. It proved to be very successful and in January 2002 was followed by ET GeoWizards for ArcGIS. Both products were based on Ianko's extensive experience in CAD and GIS areas combined with his engineering background.

The growth of the user base of both applications, the need for new tools to be developed and the inability of a single person to handle all of this was the main reason for founding the company.


Developing reasonably priced, highly functional software for the GIS professionals is the prime objective of ET SpatialTechniques. ET GeoWizards for ArcGIS was first released in 2002 followed by ET GeoTools (2004) and ET Surface (2008). All 3 products were extensions for ArcGIS and became the most popular third party data processing extensions for ArcGIS.

  • Started as a set of tools developed to overcome the weakness of editing in ArcView 3, extensively tested in a real production environment, extended continuously over the years to meet the users needs, now they offer real solutions to real problems which the GIS professionals meet every day in their work.

  • Offer free functionality which by itself is more powerful than any other third party ArcView/ArcGIS editing/data processing add-on. Our estimate is that currently more than 200,000 GIS professionals are using at least one of our products in their everyday work.

  • The user support is very important to us. We believe that a Good product plus a Good documentation is the base of providing good user support. ET GeoWizards, ET GeoTools and ET Surface have thousands of registered users. We claim that there has not been a question from a user that has not been answered.

ET GeoWizards 12.0 gave the start of new generation of products - stand alone applications that can be used by all GIS professionals - no matter of their main GIS platform. It was followed by ET Surface 7.0 - an extensive collection of surface creation and analysis functions.

Our Products

No ArcGIS needed

A stand-alone collection of powerful data creation, manipulation, analysis and topology functions for any GIS professional.


Need Editing?

The most comprehensive set of editing tools for ArcMap. Increase your productivity. Make your ArcGIS work for you.


No ArcGIS needed

Create TIN and Raster surfaces, Extract Profiles, Derive Line of Sight, Calculate Volume, Cut/Fill, Visibility, Hydrology and more.