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ET GeoWizards

ET GeoWizards 12.2 released on 30 April 2019

ET GeoWizards is a set of powerful functions that will help the GIS professionals to manipulate data with easy. It offers more than 100 functions for spatial data conversion, analysis, topological cleaning, sampling and many more. ET GeoWizards was initially developed as an extension for ArcGIS and for the last 15 years it has become the most popular third party ArcGIS extension for data processing.

As from version 12.0 ET GeoWizards is available as a stand-alone application and can be used by all GIS professionals no matter what is the GIS platform they are using.

The functionality of ET GeoWizards is available in several ways:

  • Stand-alone Windows application with user friendly interface and integrated User Guide.
  • From within ET SpatialDataViewer - a simple free viewer.
  • Seamlessly integrated in ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 and above (including 10.7) via:
    • ArcGIS Desktop add-in that starts ET GeoWizards dialog from ArcMap
    • An ArcGIS toolbox that allows the functionality to be executed from ArcToolbox, included in a Model using the Model Builder or ArcPy scripts.
  • Seamlessly integrated in ArcGIS Pro 2.0 and above via:
    • ArcGIS Pro add-in that starts ET GeoWizards dialog from within the ArcGIS Pro interface
    • An ArcGIS Pro Toolbox that allows the functionality to be executed from ArcToolbox, included in a Model using the Model Builder or ArcPy scripts.
  • All the functions can be executed using Python (no third party software required)
  • The tools can be integrated in custom .NET applications (no third party software required).
  • The functionality can be executed directly from the DOS Command Prompt.

ET GeoWizards 12 is a native 64-bit application

  • This allows handling very large datasets at impressive speed.
  • The functionality however can be executed from any 32-bit application (example - ArcMap).

ET GeoWizards 11.6

Released at the same time as ET GeoWizards 12.2 version 11.6 is a legacy version which is:

  • A 32-bit extension for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 and above (including 10.7)
  • Fully supported
  • Can be used on the same computer where ET GeoWizards 12.2 is installed
  • Uses the same license key as ET GeoWizards 12.2

ET GeoWizards is not a free program

It however has many free functions that can be used without purchasing a license and registering the software. Until registered ET GeoWizards runs in DEMO mode.

  • The Demo mode has the following limitations
    • Many of the features are free - do not have any restrictions with the DEMO version. See Free Functions for a list
    • The rest of the functions have restriction of 100 features in the layer to be processed.
    • Note that the Demo Mode is available only when the functions are executed from the ET GeoWizards interface.
  • See Registering for registration information

ET GeoWizards Functions

See ET GeoWizards 12 User Guide for a detailed description of each function.

Point Functions

  • Clean Point Layer
  • Point Intersection
  • Create Station Points
  • Connect Points
  • Global Snap Points
  • Point Angle and Position
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • Thin (Generalize) Points
  • Disperse Points
  • Perpendiculars to Polylines
  • Points to Rectangles
  • Points To Regular Polygons

Spatial Relations Functions

  • Spatial Join *12
  • Near Feature
  • Spider Diagram - Spatial Location
  • Spider Diagram - Attribute Link
  • Allocation
  • Build Thiessen Polygons
  • Create Concave Hull
  • Transfer Polyline Attributes
  • Find Closest Point
  • Connect to Closest Point
  • Connect Unstructured Points
  • Create Convex Hull
  • Create Cluster Polygons S
  • Create Cluster Polygons C *12

Linear Referencing

  • Create Routes From Polylines
  • Calibrate Routes With Points
  • Locate Features Along Routes
  • Features From Route Events
  • Dissolve Route Events
  • Concatenate Route Events
  • Intersect Route Events *11
  • Union Route Events *11

Polyline Functions

  • Clean Polyline Layer
  • Clean Dangling Nodes
  • Clean Pseudo Nodes
  • Split Polyline with Layer
  • Split Polyline
  • Global Snap Polylines
  • Buffer Polylines
  • Export Nodes
  • Renode Polylines
  • Generalize
  • Densify
  • Smooth
  • Flip Polylines
  • Clean Contour Gaps
  • Get Z Characteristics
  • Polyline characteristics
  • Flip PolylineZ

Overlay Functions

  • Intersect Polygons *12
  • Clip
  • Batch Clip
  • Erase
  • Batch Erase
  • Merge Layers
  • Merge Multiple Layers
  • Advanced Merge Polygons
  • Split By Attributes
  • Split By Location
  • Transfer Polygon Attributes
  • Remove Exact Duplicates
  • Symmetrical Difference

Fields Functions

  • Delete Multiple Fields
  • Redefine Fields
  • Order Fields
  • Copy Fields From Layer
  • Mark Duplicates *11

Polygon Functions

  • Clean Polygon Layer
  • Eliminate
  • Clean Gaps
  • Dissolve Polygons
  • Build polygons
  • Create Centerlines
  • Global Snap Polygons
  • Get Adjacent Polygons
  • Split Polygons with Polylines
  • Aggregate Polygons
  • Polygon To Polyline Advanced
  • Generalize Polygons
  • Densify Polygons
  • Smooth Polygons
  • Polygon characteristics
  • Fill Holes
  • Triangulate Polygons *12

Basic Functions

  • Create New File Geodatabase *12
  • Buffer *12
  • Explode Multi-part Features
  • Move Shapes
  • Rotate Shapes
  • Scale Shapes
  • Sort Shapes
  • Closest Feature Distance
  • Select And Export
  • Project Layer *12
  • Create New Feature Class *11

Sampling Functions

  • Vector Grid
  • Create Point Grid
  • Random Points on Polylines
  • Random Points in Polygons
  • Point Grids in Polygons
  • Square Grids in Polygons
  • Uniform Points in Polygons
  • Create Tiles

Convert Functions

  • Polygon to Polyline
  • Polygon to Point
  • Polyline to Point
  • Polyline to Polygon
  • Polyline To Multipoint
  • Point to Polyline
  • Point to Polygon
  • Point to Multipoint
  • Point to Point Z(M)
  • Multipoint to Point
  • Multipoint to Polyline
  • Shape To ShapeZ
  • Shape Z(M) to Shape

Miscellaneous Functions

  • COGO Inverse
  • Lines from Points, Direction and Distance
  • Points Along Polylines
  • Points to Pie Segments
  • Features to Envelopes
  • Features to Convex Polygons
  • Features to Bounding Circles
  • Features to Bounding Rectangles
  • Polygons to Equal Area Circles
  • Create Station Lines
  • Polygon to Deepest Point *12
  • Polygon to Max Inscribed Circle

Import/Export Functions

  • Export to Google Earth
  • Import from Google Earth
  • Generate (Import from Text)
  • Ungenerate (Export to Text)
  • Import from MapInfo *12
  • Import from GeoJSON *12
  • Export to GeoJSON *12
  • Import from OSM *12
  • Import from ArcGIS Server *12
  • Bulk import from ArcGIS Server *12
  • Import from WFS *12
  • Import from DXF *12
  • Import from GeoPackage *12
  • Export to GeoPackage *12


  • *12 - available only in ET GeoWizards 12.x
  • *11 - available only in ET GeoWizards 11.x
Free Functions

Free functions of ET GeoWizards

ET GeoWizards is not a free program. It has however many functions that are free - can be used with the unregistered version with no limitations.

Note that the free functions are available only when executed from the User Interface. They are not available if the functionality is executed from Python, .NET or ArcToolbox

List of Free Functions

  • Basic functions
    • Create New feature class
    • Create new File GDB
    • Sort Shapes
    • Move Shapes
    • Rotate Shapes
    • Scale shapes
    • Generate
    • Ungenerate
    • Explode multi-part features
    • Closest Feature Distance
    • Select and Export
    • Project Layer
  • Field Functions
    • Order Fields
    • Redefine Fields
    • Copy Fields
    • Delete Multiple Fields
  • Conversion functions
    • Polygon To Polyline
    • Polygon To Point
    • Polyline To Point
    • Polyline To Polygon
    • Polyline To Multipoint
    • Point To Polyline
    • Point To Polygon
    • Point To Multipoint
    • Point To Point Z (M)
    • Multipoint To Point
    • Multipoint To Polyline
    • Shape Z (M) To Shape
    • Shape To Shape Z
  • Overlay functions
    • Clip layer
    • Erase layer
    • Merge Layers
  • Sampling Functions
    • Create Point Grid
    • Vector Grid
  • Spatial Relations Functions
    • Convex Hull
  • Polyline functions
    • Generalize polyline layer
    • Densify polyline layer
    • Get PolylineZ characteristics
    • Flip Polylines
  • Point functions
    • Point Distance
    • Station Points
What's New

What's new in ET GeoWizards

ET GeoWizards 12.2 released on 30 April 2019

  • New Functions:
    • Export to GeoPackage format.
    • Import From GeoPackage format.
    • Triangulate Polygons.
    • A tool to add the result to the map added to the Add Ins for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro.
  • Improved:
    • Random Points In Polygons - Option to use Minimum Distance between points and minimum distance from boundary from fields.
    • Random Points On Polylines - Option to use Minimum Distance from the ends from a field.
    • Create Centerlines function - added an option to create a separate centerline for each polygon.
    • Improved Open/Save Dataset Dialog.
    • Improved handling of NULL values in the attribute tables.
    • Improved handling of Z/M awareness of the output geometries.
    • Improved handling of input datasets with no projection assigned.
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • A problem with the Open Dataset dialog - fails if browsing a read-only folder.
    • A Bug in the Clean Dangling nodes function.
    • A Bug in the Split Polyline with Layer function.
    • A Bug causing loss of features if the input contains multi-part polylines. Functions affected:
      • Split Polyline
      • Split Polyline with Layer
    • A bug in the user interface when the input data selected is in File GDB. Functions affected:
      • Batch Clip
      • Batch Erase
      • Merge Multiple Layers
    • A bug in the Spider Diagram Attribute Link - incorrect Center and Destination IDs assigned to the lines.
    • A bug in the ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro Python toolboxes - user unable to adjust the fuzzy tolerance. Tools affected:
      • Clean Polylines
      • Clean Dangles
      • Clean Polygons
      • Polygon To Polyline Advanced
      • Clean Gaps
      • Build Polygons
    • A bug in some overlay functions when the two input layers have different projections. Affected functions:
      • Clip
      • Erase
      • Batch Clip
      • Batch Erase
      • Intersect
      • Advanced Merge Polygons
      • Spatial Join
    • Some functions do not preserve correctly the Z values.
    • The Redefine Fields function does not handle correctly the output field types.
    • The Polyline to Points function with "Nodes" option does not assign correctly the nodes order.
    • Bug in the interface of the Create Station Lines function.
    • Bug in the Split Polylines with Layer function.
    • Bug in the toolbox of the Transfer Polyline Attributes function.
    • Bug in the Lines from Points Direction and Distance - the direction using only Polar angles.
    • Bug in the in the interface of the Redefine Fields function.
    • Bug that causes changes in the input field definitions - several functions affected.
    • Incorrect dialog titles for some functions.
    • Bug in the interface - no Date Type fields are populated in the interfaces of several functions.
    • Thin Point function - The input attributes are incorrectly assigned to the Link dataset.

ET GeoWizards 11.6 for ArcGIS Desktop released on 30 April 2019

  • 32-bit legacy version
  • For ArcGIS Desktop users only
  • A single version for ArcGIS 10.1 and above (including 10.7).
  • Minor bugs fixes and interface improvements.
  • Works on the same machine as ET GeoWizards 12.2 and with the same license key.


  • ET GeoWizards 12.1 - released 20 January 2018
  • ET GeoWizards 11.5 - released 20 January 2018
  • ET GeoWizards 12.0 - released 22 April 2017

    ET GeoWizards 12 is a brand new application. The previous versions were based on ArcObjects (the development environment of ArcGIS Desktop) and could be used only from within ArcGIS. ET GeoWizards 12 is an independent application which:

    • Reads and writes spatial data using GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library maintained by GDAL/OGR Project Management Committee under the Open Source Geospatial Foundation).
    • The majority of the algorithms are developed in-house.
    • Some open source algorithms are used as well.

    ET GeoWizards 12 is a native 64-bit application. It is compatible with Windows 7 and above - 64-bit. The functionality however can be called from within 32-bit application (for example ArcGIS Desktop) The functionality of ET GeoWizards 12 can be used in several ways:

    • Users without ArcGIS
      • Via a stand-alone application with user friendly interface and integrated User Guide
      • From within our free ET SpatialDataViewer application
      • Using Python scripts
      • Using custom .NET applications
      • From DOS command prompt
    • Users with ArcGIS
      • All of the methods above
      • From ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro using the Add-Ins provided
      • Using the toolboxes provided for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro
      • From Models created using the Model Builder in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro
      • From ArcPy scripts.

    All functions available in the previous versions of ET GeoWizards are available in version 12 and produce exactly the same results. Some minor exceptions:

    • Map to Google Earth which is heavily dependent on the ArcGIS Desktop interface is replaced with Export To Google Earth.
    • Functions that had an option to edit the attribute table of the input feature class (Delete Multiple Fields, Polyline and Polygon Characteristics, Renode) now create new output layers.
    • No true arcs (File GDB input only) are supported at ET GeoWizards 12.0. Depending on the developments in the GDAL library, this will be fixed in the next ET GeoWizards version.

    Some functions that did not exist in the previous versions because were standardly available in ArcGIS are included in the new version:

    • Spatial Join
    • Intersect
    • Buffer
    • Create new File GDB
    • Project
    • Import from DXF
    • Import from MapInfo
  • ET GeoWizards 11.4 - released 22 April 2017
    • 32-bit legacy version
    • For ArcGIS users only
  • ET GeoWizards 11.3 - released 01 March 2016
  • ET GeoWizards 11.2 - released 14 December 2014
  • ET GeoWizards 11.1 - released 27 July 2014
  • ET GeoWizards 11.0 - released 31 August 2013
  • ET GeoWizards 10.2 - released 12 June 2012
  • ET GeoWizards 10.1 - released 12 November 2011
  • ET GeoWizards 10.0 - released 3 July 2010
  • ET GeoWizards 9.9 - released 31 May 2009
  • ET GeoWizards 9.8 - released 30 June 2008
  • ET GeoWizards 9.7 - released 18 November 2007
  • ET GeoWizards 9.6.1 - released 31 May 2007
  • ET GeoWizards 9.6 - released 26 November 2006
  • ET GeoWizards 9.5.1 - released 9 July 2006
  • ET GeoWizards 9.5 - released 7 May 2006
  • ET GeoWizards 9.4.1 - released 16 October 2005
  • ET GeoWizards 9.4 - released 01 October 2005
  • ET GeoWizards 9.3.1 - released 12 June 2005
  • ET GeoWizards 9.3 - released 15 April 2005
  • ET GeoWizards 9.2 - released 06 January 2005
  • ET GeoWizards 9.1.1 - released 31 October 2004
  • ET GeoWizards 9.1 - released 16 August 2004
  • ET GeoWizards 9.0 - released 14 June 2004
  • ET GeoWizards 8.7 - released 07 March 2004
  • ET GeoWizards 8.6 - released 27 April 2003
  • ET GeoWizards 8.5 - released 10 February 2003
  • ET GeoWizards 8.4 - released 03 November 2002
  • ET GeoWizards 8.3 - released 02 September 2002
  • ET GeoWizards 8.2 - released 04 June 2002
  • ET GeoWizards 8.1.1 - released 04 March 2002
  • ET GeoWizards 8.1 - released 19 January 2002

Purchase and Register

Comparison between free and registered software

Free Paid
Limited to 100 features in the input (number of functions) 100 0
Unlimited features in the input (number of functions) 41 141
Using in Python
Using in .NET
Using in ArcGIS Desktop Toolbox and Model Builder
Using in ArcGIS Pro Toolbox and Model Builder
Using in ArcPy


Fixed Licenses

Number licenses per order Price per license
1 - 2 USD 265.00
3 - 4 USD 255.00
5 and above USD 245.00

Concurrent Licenses

Minimum 10 licenses
USD 265.00 per license

Corporate Licensing

Contact for corporate license information.

Upgrade / Maintenance

See our Upgrade Policy
USD 65.00 per license

How to register

After purchasing a license you will receive a reference number for your order.

A. Fixed License:

  1. Click Request License Key button (ET GeoWizards Main Dialog ==> Request License Key). Fill the small form - all the fields are required.
    • User Name
    • Company
    • Reference number (see above)
    • GIS Platform

    When the form is complete there are two options to chose from:

    • Create Key Request File will write all the information to a file (*.etr). Send this file to and in 24 hours you will receive the Key File that will unlock the full version
    • Send Key Request via e-mail. This option will open you default e-mail program with all necessary information. You just have to click the SEND button
  2. When you receive the Key File , save the attachment (*.etw file) to your hard disk. Click on Register button (ET GeoWizards Main Dialog ==> Register). In the form click on Load Key File button. Select the received file. The ET GeoWizards dialog will close. When opened next time the program will be registered.

    If you get a message that the program is registered, but you still have no access to the full functionality. Log on to the PC as an Administrator.

    • For ET GeoWizards 12 - Run the program as administrator (Right click on the icon ==> Run as administrator). If you don't have the Run as Administrator option - hold the SHIFT key down while right click on the icon.
    • For ET GeoWizards 11.x - Run ArcGIS as an administrator(Right click on the icon ==> Run as administrator).
    • Load the license key again.

B. Concurrent Licenses:

  1. Install ET License Manager on the license server computer
  2. Create a Key Request file, using ET License Manager Console. You provide the name of your company, a name of a contact person, valid e-mail address, and the reference number you have received upon your order.
  3. Send the Key Request file to
  4. You will receive a license key for the number of licenses of ET GeoWizards you have ordered shortly
  5. Load the License Key file using ET License Manager Console.

How do you get support:

Contact :

Important notes:

  • Do not change anything in the request file or the body of the generated message. It will cause the registration process to fail.
  • Do not change anything in the Key File. It will cause the registration process to fail.