ET SpatialTechniques Licensing Options

We offer two licensing models for our products - fixed and concurrent. Depending on your (your company) needs, you can choose which model (or a combination of the two) you'd like to utilize.

Fixed licenses

A stand-alone or fixed license version is locked to run on a single machine and only that machine.

Registering the software

The software as downloaded from our web site and installed will run in a DEMO mode. After purchasing the software the user will receive a reference number. He/She needs to generate a key request from the PC where the registered version will be used and send it to Upon receiving a key request we will send the registered user a license key that will unlock the full functionality of the software on the PC on which the license key was generated.

See these links for detailed information


Upgrades/Maintenance - see our Upgrade Policy for details.

Transfer License

Please contact if you need to transfer your fixed license to a new machine.

Concurrent licenses

While a single license is tied to a specific computer, the floating (also called concurrent or network) licenses can be shared by all the users that are connected to a network. For example, a 10 seat license allows 10 computers to run the program at the same time. The program can be actually installed on any number of machines, however, only 10 can use the program at the same time.